Responsible Consumption & Supply of Alcohol

Responsible consumption and supply of alcohol 80Proof Australia Pty Ltd (‘80Proof’) is a socially responsible corporate group that manufactures and markets alcohol beverages In pursuit of responsible consumption and supply of alcohol, this policy has been developed and implemented at 80Proof. In this regard, 80Proof is also focussed on raising public awareness about responsible drinking and defining and enforcing stringent voluntary standards on alcohol advertising and promotion activities. We educate and train our staff on responsible consumption and supply of alcohol. Moderate and responsible drinking can be part of a balanced and sociable lifestyle and 80Proof does not approve excessive or binge drinking. In our business activities, 80Proof will comply with laws and regulations, and voluntary standards set by the industry and 80Proof, including the AANA Code of Ethics and the relevant guidelines of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. The 80Proof staff will be mindful of their responsibilities toward society and act responsibly, by acquiring correct knowledge and deepening understanding in relation to responsible drinking. As a corporate group that produces alcoholic beverages, 80Proof promote its efforts to fulfill its responsibility to promote responsible drinking and eradicate the harmful consumption of alcohol. 80Proof is aware of the importance of standards for responsible alcohol marketing in Australia.